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The Readcoin Vision

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem”

(Captain Jack Sparrow)

Since mankind, the bottleneck in human communication has been the storage and forwarding of information. Stone paintings, papyrus, printing, mass media, there were always restrictions. Then, all of a sudden, the internet enabled storage and forwarding of information, for everybody, unlimited, at no or random costs.

We are still overwhelmed.

Very slowly, we realize that something has gone wrong. People step back from the internet of content and start to distrust it. Advertising and low quality content are taking over, and it seems that nothing can stop this trend.

We also know, that when one bottleneck is resolved, another bottleneck usually pops up. The storage-forwarding issue has been resolved by the internet. So where is the new bottleneck? What is the problem now?

There are many scientists today describing the 'problems' of today's internet of content. There are also a variety of proposals on how to handle 'the problems'. But to resolve them, we need to satisfy the basic functions of human communications – and probably a new technology.

The ethnography of communication analyses content of former societies in order to understand the social and economic reality of these societies. A variety of scientific tools have been elaborated. Let us use these tools in another way. The ethnography of communication helps us to understand also the grounds of human communication. We can learn how we function and why we behave in a certain way – and why there are these 'problems' with today's internet of content.

It is about looking at the whole process: sending, storing/forwarding and receiving of information, about the one who has to say something and the one who listens - the context and identity. The problem we face today is that the internet has isolated content from identity and context. An advertising and attention-based industry has taken over, and any creation of independent media identity is hostile to the prosperity of this industry.

We call this the 'identity gap'. And the only way to 'repair' the internet of content is the creation of strong media identity. Strong and independent media identity resolves the new bottleneck of missing identity and context, and many of the 'problems'. It is a useful concept, which is hostile and disruptive for the exisiting, advertising based tech industry.

Blockchain technologies enable evidence, privacy and democratic access, and are set to disrupt existing economies. A new economy and relations replace existing structures, especially where roads are stuck, further wealth and development is restricted.

Today's internet of content is dominated by fixed type/place/price channels. Youtube for example, shows only videos, only on its platform, only for free.

Today, initiative is undertaken to enable what has not been available before, the total unbundling of online content in terms of type, place and price. Based on this, content can be re-bundled into any kind of channel and media identity, in a free way, customer oriented, independently and in difference to the currently dominating fixed-product/-place/-price platforms. The challenge is organization and technology. New startups, allowing the creation of strong media identities will gain critical mass, the established industry will follow.

Readcoin is a vision of a blockchain facility which allows for independent and trustworthy transactions between any kind of creators of content, publishers, readers, advertisers and related instances. It stimulates the creation of channels and media identity based on valuable content.

The point is: without media identity, content is not really accepted and valuable to the user. This is today's bottleneck in the internet of content. Readcoin is an appropriate concept, and blockchain is the technology where it is based on.

For further details on this vision, read the White Paper. Interested in joining our vision? please contact us.

Information about the passed ICO:

The ICO was quite popular - about 60% of the 5000 applicants received an Initial Readcoin package for free. No payment was needed to take part in this ICO. Still, Readcoin has been given out highly restrictive. Only with growing perspective, shape and implementation, the share of Readcoins in circulation shall increase. A public foundation or vested startup company shall be installed for safeguarding all coin-related issues.

Our approach is not very common, yet. We do not want you to loose funds in ICO's. Tokens itself do not create entrepreneural incentives and most of the ICO's do not establish any form of acountability. It takes some structure if you want to disrupt or de-centralize a market with strong incumbent players. Readcoin instead is targeting a new market, problem-solving, and we are structuring our business before we come and ask the crowd for funding.

Token address: 0x189c05c3c191015c694032e1b09c190d5db3fb50

Readcoin Logo copyrights reserved roadmap

The rollout of the Readcoin Pubisher Exchange is envisioned as follows in terms of organisation, applications and smart contracts

ICO / Origination

ICO Initial Coin Outlet: Free delivery of Initial Readcoins,

Foundation and organisational settlements, invitations to join and support

ICO / Origination

1-2 ICOs for publishing platforms using Readcoin and integrating to Publisher Exchange

Standard International Publisher Number (SIPN) Smart Contract

Standard Origination and Copyright Number (SOCN) Smart Contract

Readcoin User Wallet (RUX) Smart Contract

Other projects and undertakings with usage of Readcoin may appear


Publishers to join as signatories

Private authors and content creators to join the Publisher Exchange

Further free Initial Readcoin transfer to up to 10 projects for ICO

Incentive system for Readcoin-First-Users

First International Readcoin Publisher Summit

Expansion of Readcoin coverage

Free Initial Readcoin transfer to special projects

Readcoin Logo copyrights reserved that's us

The idea came to us after listening to a panel discussion of Timothy Garton Ash and Jan-Werner Müller (Oxford/Princeton University) about free speech. With the prevailing role of the internet the concept of free speech and the related democratic rights have entered a totally new dimension. We came to the conclusion, that the one main issue behind all that is the isolation of content from identity in the internet. An attention-based economy predominates and leads to the growing distorsions of internet content already described by a variety of scientists. Unbundling of content from type, place and price, followed by free rebundling in an economic environment, which stimulates the creation of channels with media identity – this is a concept which could rejig the internet of content.

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    Creator of the Readcoin

    Paul Wolters
    New Business Developper, Economist and Computer Scientist, Technical University Berlin. How to translate new technologies into mass markets. I created success stories for multinational tech companies from scratch. I am concerned about what is happening in our societies. Let us use blockchain to restore our values. I am shure that online content may revive strongly once we leave the attention-based internet.
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    Hans Koeppen
    Development Economist, Triathlon Man, Banker. Economist, German Institute of Development. I was banking peoples' growth, as a development aid worker, and later as CEO of an investment credit bank. Tasks were extraordinay then, today corporations look for scaling. What they miss totally is that new technologies like blockchain allow for individual relations without any of such intermediary. I believe that the ethnografic function of content will be restored anyway, if not with this initiative.
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    Alexander Michael Wolters
    Student, Musician, Coder. Faculty of Electronics / Computer Science, Technical University Berlin. How to find the technical solution.
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    Hyun Kwon Choi
    Student, Blockchain Expert. South Korea
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